Antelope Brush

Antelope brush was first collected by Lewis and Clark in Montana in 1806. It is a light weight yet very durable hardwood being in the Rose Family of plants. Antelope brush is found from the desert to the mountains, often growing with sagebrush. Native Americans made a purple dye from the seed coat of antelope brush, and the bark was used to make diapers and moccasins. This is probably the most ornamental wood I have seen so far. Unfortunately, it doesn’t grow as large as Juniper or Sagebrush, but the beauty of it more than makes up for that.

Branches are 2″ to 3″ diameter, 3′ to 4′ long.  Minimum order in this size is 5 branches at $89 each.  Call for shipping quote.

antelope brush

Antelope Brush

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rustic birdhouse

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