Shipping Information

Shipping my juniper wood is the only part of the business that I have very little control over.  I find the juniper wood, I bring it back to my shop and pressure wash the bark off, I dry it, I make furniture with it, and I sell the unfinished pieces and ship them to all USA and Canadian zip codes.

I make local deliveries, sometimes people drive out to my shop with a large truck, but the vast majority of the wood I sell is shipped.  My shop is located along highway 26, a major east-west arterial route through the center of Oregon.  There is plenty of room for 18-wheelers to pull off of the highway and stop right in front of my shop.

The minimum quantity of wood that I ship is 5 pieces unless somebody wants a juniper mantel or juniper log.  If somebody wants to buy just one branch they need to stop by my shop where there is no minimum to buy.

People that are driving out to my wood shop instead of having the juniper wood shipped may find my trip planner useful.  Near the top of any page on my website click on about, from the drop down menu select directions. Once you are there all you have to do is type in your zip and directions to my shop will be provided.

For people that make their selections from photos that I have emailed to them, the next step after receiving payment is to make a pallet for the wood.  Believe it or not, when I started this business in 1997 I didn’t even know how to make a pallet, seems kind of funny now, but pallets are an important part of making the business run smoothly too.

Anyway, after the pallet is made (usually from recycled wood and nails) the 20 branches are carefully placed on and then stretched wrapped to the pallet.  When the truck stops by, I load the pallet of wood and then email the tracking number to my customer.  All shipments leaving my shop are fully insured.