– Is my shipment of wood and/or furniture fully insured?

Yes, I don’t ship anything uninsured, and everything that leaves my shop for shipping has a tracking number.  The tracking number is emailed to you, the website where it can be tracked is emailed to you too.


I tried to track my shipment, but am having difficulties, where is it? 

You started the tracking too soon is the most likely answer.  You should allow at least 2 business days before entering in your tracking number at the website provided.  However, it’s ok to call or email me at any time and I will find your shipment for you.  I have never had a shipment lost, but sometimes it takes longer than normal, usually due to weather conditions.


– What is your guarantee/warranty on finished furniture?

At least one year.  All shipping costs under this guarantee/warranty are paid by the purchaser.


– What is your guarantee on unfinished wood?

I guarantee that the wood I ship to you are the same exact pieces that I emailed photos to you of.  And, I guarantee the pieces are the sizes I stated they are in our communications.  If you still are not happy with the wood then you can ship the wood back to me at your expense and I will refund you the amount you paid for it.


– My shipment of unfinished wood/ furniture arrived damaged, can you help me?

Yes, I can help you if you inspect and discover the damage before the delivering driver leaves.  So, make sure you inspect your item/s right after it arrives.  If you see damage, tell the driver and get a written report of it, and do not accept the shipment.  After that, contact me.  After the shipment is returned to my shop, I will send you a full refund and then I will collect damages from the shipping company.


– Do you require a deposit before beginning work?

Not for unfinished wood.  For furniture I require one third down and the balance prior to shipping. Also, there are no refunds on custom work.  You will lose your deposit if you change your mind about purchasing.  A deposit is a commitment to buy.


– My furniture/wood has cracks in it, what should I do?

Many pieces are constructed using real logs and solid slabs of wood and I actually seek out wood with cracks, twisting and color.  This is the inherent character of the wood and is not considered a defect.  Wood adjusts different times of the year to the moisture content of the air. In a sense the wood breathes. Wood will also adjust to the moisture content of your home. You may notice a slab move ever so slightly or even develop small cracks. A dry home may cause the wood to move or crack more than a home with proper humidity. Be sure your home has proper humidity levels.

Small cracks can be easily fixed by placing wood putty in with a plastic putty knife. With proper care this furniture will last for several generations!