Selecting the Juniper Wood You Want

I ship quite a bit of the unfinished juniper wood.  I use a shipping broker to find the best rates to all USA destinations and Canada.

When somebody just wants a small quantity of juniper wood (20 branches) the best way to get it to them is to ship it via common carrier.  But, the way it starts is, a person will send me an email or give me a call and we will discuss the sizes and quantities of juniper wood they are interested in.  Most of the time I will have the juniper wood they need.

Also discussed is the project they are planning.  Talking about what they are going to do with the juniper wood is pretty important because most of the time it is something I have built myself, so having this experience and being able to talk about their project on the same level as them helps me make the selections of wood that are going to work well with their project.

If I am not familiar with their project and am having difficulty understanding then I focus more on the sizes and shapes of wood they are interested in.  And, I am somewhat flexible on the sizes of wood.

For example, on the wholesale price page, if somebody orders branches and they want sizes a bit larger than what I have posted, I can do that for them without any extra charge.  Custom shapes are not a problem either. The main thing is to make sure the sizes are not smaller than what I have posted for sale.

Once the quantity and other factors (shapes and sizes) have been decided I set the pieces up for photos and then email those to them.  Sometimes I will set more pieces in the photo than the order calls for.  For example, if somebody wants 20 branches a certain shape and size I will sometimes set up 22 or 23 pieces and they can select which branches they want removed from the order.